During stone selection process, we offer unlimited access to the source. No restriction in our knowledge of the global stone market, and no limit to the stone to provide. Our customer direct approach allows you to base the selection on best choice available from within stone market. Representative sample material is in same proportion as they will exist or will be used. Good sampling practices are used throughout the entire sampling and transporting process.

Purpose of sampling and testing stone is to quantify the various material properties of the stone. This consistently predict performance of the stone in any specific application. Many of our test methods that have been developed are specific and attempt to approximate the anticipated behavior of the stone in the manner that is intended to be used, such as flexural strength, compressive strength, and anchor strength. Other test methods provide general information about the stone, such as absorption and density. Test data provides our customers and designers with information required to produce rational designs and assess if the stone will perform adequately for its intended use.