Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving

The natural colours formed over thousands of years mean that no slab is the same and each paver features its own unique tones and textures. The riven surface texture of the Indian stone is suited to any traditional patio design and is one of our most popular choices of garden paving which promises your garden a finish filled with character.

Transform your patio with the medley of natural colours and tones found in our Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving which will stand the test of time even in harsh weather and is suited to the British climate to offer a robust option that will last for decades. Each slab is calibrated to 22mm thick and features a riven surface texture, created naturally when the stone is split along its layers to provide a truly authentic finish. Each riven slabs features hand-dressed edges which add to the natural and organic look of riven sandstone paving to create a timeless appeal to any traditional design.

✅ Low Maintenance
✅ Natural Riven Surface Texture
✅ Hand Dressed Edges
✅ Looks Great Wet & Dry

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving offers a medley of earthy tones and predominantly features browns, buffs and greys, as well as a range of other natural colours. This style of garden paving is a very popular choice for any rural patio with warm tones that blend seamlessly into any traditional design.

Top and Bottom Natural.
Top Natural and Bottom Calibrated.
Top Polished and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Sand Blasted and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Brushed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Sand Blasted & Brushed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
All Sides Sawn.
Top Polished and Bottom Sawn.
Top Sawn & Sand Blasted and Bottom Sawn.
Top Flamed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Edges Hand Cut / Machine Cut
Thickness Both Sides Natural : 35 – 40 mm
Calibrated : 22, 25, 28, 30 mm
Sawn : 20 mm

28 x 28 cms.
56 x 28 cms.
56 x 42 cms.
56 x 56 cms.
84 x 56 cms.
112 x 56 cms.

30 x 30 cms.
30 x 60 cms.
40 x 40 cms.
45 x 45 cms.
60 x 40 cms.
60 x 90 cms.

80 x 40 cms.
60 x 120 cms.
We can make other sizes also apart from the above as per the requirements.


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