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Slates & Quartzite of India

Slate Stone is basically metamorphosed shale. Shale stone is made up of slit and clay that is similar in composition to sandstone except that the particle size is much smaller. The shale is subject to heat and pressure and the fine particles are melted together to form slate. Most Slates are suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications.

A major building material, slate has a solid beauty, which is used for visual harmony with the stone buildings and the dry stone walls, we can offer you a variety of natural slate stone and multi-color slate in different porosity, hardness and compressive strength. It is also known as grey slates, flags, flagstones, thack stones, slats, flat stones, stone tiles and tile stones.

Raj Green Sandstone Pavings

Raj Green Sandstone is a versatile garden paving option, available with either a naturally riven or a smooth, sawn surface. The blend of earthy tones makes this style of Indian stone paving one of our most popular choices of garden slabs and is a great choice, whatever your budget!

Transform your garden or patio with the medley of natural colours and tones found within our Raj Green Indian Sandstone. This choice of garden paving offers the charm and appeal that only natural sandstone paving can offer. With beautiful variations in colour throughout, each paver features its own unique tones formed naturally over thousands of years, promising your garden or patio a finish filled with character! Choose from a naturally riven surface texture or a smooth, sawn & honed option to find the right style of garden paving for you.

Top and Bottom Natural.
Top Natural and Bottom Calibrated.
Top Polished and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Sand Blasted and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Brushed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Top Sand Blasted & Brushed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
All Sides Sawn.
Top Polished and Bottom Sawn.
Top Sawn & Sand Blasted and Bottom Sawn.
Top Flamed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.
Edges Hand Cut / Machine Cut
Thickness Both Sides Natural : 35 – 40 mm
Calibrated : 22, 25, 28, 30 mm
Sawn : 20 mm

28 x 28 cms.
56 x 28 cms.
56 x 42 cms.
56 x 56 cms.
84 x 56 cms.
112 x 56 cms.

30 x 30 cms.
30 x 60 cms.
40 x 40 cms.
45 x 45 cms.
60 x 40 cms.
60 x 90 cms.

80 x 40 cms.
60 x 120 cms.
We can make other sizes also apart from the above as per the requirements.

Slate Stone Veener

Our high-quality natural stone veneers are light, thin, flexible and translucent. They open up entirely new worlds to you, and well-known designers have already used them to create impressive lamps, stylish furniture and exceptional promotional items. With Skinrock, there is a sense of art in the air.

Real stone As natural and textured as created by nature. Unique colours for a myriad of designs. Each piece is unique, creating an ambience as individual as you.

Ultra thin With a thickness of splitting rough 1.5 – 3 mm, it is lighter than any stone you have ever seen. Resources are conserved in its manufacture, and transportation is very sustainable.